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Economics: Company/Industry Research

Annual Reports

Private Company Research and Niche Industries

Some Strategies:

Identify a similar, but public company and extrapolate

Use social media

Use ratios: and

Use the internet such as Google and add the words data, or trends or statistics in your search


Trade and Industry Associations

Encyclopedia of Associations

Google Scholar

University and other academic research centers

Consulting Firms and Industry Research Firms

Think Tanks, Consumer Marketing Groups, Polling Firms, Foundations.....

Specialized Directories, Regulators and Certifiers

State of Michigan and the U.S. Government

Michigan eLibrary

Business and Company Resource Center Database

Local and National Newspapers and Newsletters

Business Schools and Business Libraries

* Information was adapted from a presentation by Celia Ross titled "Business Reference: common sense strategies for uncommonly challenging questions" presented at the MLA Conference held in Kalamazoo, MI, Oct. 27, 2011.