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Personal Librarian Program

Research shows that interacting with librarians and library services contributes to student success.

Starting in the Fall 2017 semester, AQ Librarians are offering a service called the Personal Librarian Program. Geared toward first-year students, our goals are simple: 1) to ensure that students new to college are aware of library resources, services, and programs; 2) to offer research and assignment support to first-year students; and 3) to decrease student anxiety when it comes to library use.

Throughout first-year students' first year at AQ, they can expect Personal Librarians to offer help with 

  • Navigating the AQ Library

  • Finding articles, books, videos and other information sources

  • Deciphering assignments

  • Developing research topics

  • Citing sources


Christina has been a librarian for 15+ years, and has been at AQ for 10 of those years. At times, she can get overly excited about searching for information, and has been known to throw some high-fives around when she finds fabulous sources. When she's not at AQ, she's probably pulling weeds out of her garden, baking something, or enjoying a craft beer with friends.


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Austin PhillipsAustin has recently joined the Aquinas team as the Web Services and Discovery Librarian. Prior to his position at Aquinas, he worked as an Adjunct Intranet Architecture Librarian for Grand Valley State University, and an Adult Librarian at Kent District Library. Austin is frequently seen consuming copious amounts of coffee and wearing a cardigan or vest. He is a proud cat dad. In his spare time, he enjoys to binge tv, read, and spend time with friends and family.


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Mies has recently join the Grace Hauenstein staff. He started his library career at General Motors working in the Media Archives. From there he traveled north and spent the next 14 years at Michigan Technological University. Mies has also worked for several years in a law library. When he’s not at work Mies enjoys family and friends and brewing some sort of craft beer.

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Shellie admittedly displays typical librarian behavior, such as reading a ton of books, owning several cats, and wearing cardigans. However, when she is not helping students navigate library resources or explaining why critical thinking is, well, critical, she is likely to be out biking, backpacking, zip lining, or exploring the world.


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