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Aquinas Student Newspapers: About

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History Goes Back to 1936

"The young writers of the Catholic Junior College are now voicing their opinions and telling their stories in the columns of a printed school paper", wrote Father Arthur Bukowski, then dean and chaplain of CJC in the first issue of the Catholic Junior Herald. It was Sept 29, 1936.

Unique and Important Coverage

Occasionally the national climate seeped into the coverage of our student newspaper as when student reporters were reassured by a British war correspondent in Grand Rapids for a lecture at the Civic Auditorium in 1937" aren't next door to Germany. You have a whole ocean between you and Germany."

Stories of people and events closer to home are even more valuable. They are often unique, and they tell us about our college and the community around it in detail. As a now historical record, our student newspaper is often the only source of information about our history.

Digitized and Searchable

Beginning with that first issue in 1936, our student newspaper has now been digitized. On this guide, you can browse the papers, as well as search individual issues.

A Note About Volume and Issue Numbers

The volume and issue numbers of the student newspaper are sometimes irregular over the years. Sometimes it appears as though one or the other number is a mistake (as when the same issue number was given to two subsequent dates in the same year) and sometimes it is difficult to tell whether the dates are wrong or there is actually a missing issue. If there is an issue or date you are interested in but do not see here, contact the archivist.

“She adores crossword puzzles, tennis, and Ronald Coleman. She can swim like a fish, drive a car, and whip up a chocolate pudding in three minutes flat. She likes hamburgs, says “My soul” when she's surprised, and loves to do nice things for people.” Description of student, Doris M. Boss, from the "Representative Men and Women" feature in the Sept. 30, 1938 Catholic Junior Herald

Events, programs, buildings and other aspects of Aquinas College are described for posterity in the pages of the student newspaper. Architects’ plans for our current academic building that were revealed in our April 17, 1953 Aquinas Herald, included a chapel in the ground floor, middle wing. This was of particular interest to the committee planning our new chapel today and wondering about similar efforts in the past. The architects’ drawings of the academic building were reproduced on the front page of the issue, along with drawings of our carriage house (current site of The Moose) with a significant expansion that was never built.