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Zotero: Download and Install

Getting Started with Zotero

In order to use all features of Zotero, you must download to your laptop or PC. You may also want to install the Zotero Connector to your favorite browser and to add word processing extensions..

  • The Desktop software, which will run on Windows, Mac or Linux computers, will allow you to easily collect ,organize, and share your references. This software will also allow for advance features like creating timelines and citation mapping. You can find the free software here.

  • The Zotero 'Connector which will allow you to download bibliographic or 'metadata' from the Library catalog, library databases, and web pages. Zotero Connector can also be found here.

  • Finally: install the Zotero Plugin for MS Word, Google Docs, or LibreOffice so that you can insert dynamic references into a document. You can find more information about these and other word processing tools here.

Download and Install Zotero


1) Download

  1. Go to Zotero's Download page
    • Zotero will detect the operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux) and the browser you are using.
    • Zotero does not work with Chromebooks
  2. Download current version of Zotero and the browser Connector

2) Installation of Browser Connector (Add-on/extension)

  1. Install the Zotero Connector for your browser (Zotero can work with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge)
  2. Restart your browser after installation
  3. You should see a Zotero icon (a "Z" or a small rectangle) to the right side of your browser toolbar.
    • Please note: The Zotero icon will change depending on the type of 'content' you are looking at.


3) Installation of Zotero for Microsoft Word (for other word processor plugins visit here)

  1. Close Microsoft Office Word
  2. Open the download Zotero file
  3. Follow standard installation directions
    • Please note: The Microsoft Word add-in should automatically be installed. If it isn't please see Preferences
  4. Open the Zotero program
  5. Open Microsoft Word. You should see a Zotero icon 


Zotero Online Account

To back up or sync your library with other devices you will want to create a Zotero Online account. Just visit and at the top right hand area of the page you should see a Log In link. Click on that link and Register for a free account. Because this account is free you can take it with you wherever you go.. Please see Setting up Preferences to learn how to sync your Zotero library with your online Zotero library.