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Zotero: Preferences


Zotero is highly customizable and, depending on your needs and expertise, you can do a number of things. For instance, you can simply create an account and use Zotero as it is. But, if you want to customize some of Zotero's funcations, that is easy to do. Depending on your operating system you can locate Preferences one of the two ways. Windows: Edit > Preferences or Mac: Zotero > Preferences.

Below are a few common preference features.

Sync Preferences

Syncing your Zotero desktop standalone library with your online library allows you to back up your library as well as access your library through different devices.

  • To set up your syncing option, you will need to Register for a free Zotero account. If you have not done so please visit before proceeding.
  • First link on Preferences > Sync > Settings
  • Next, login to your Zotero account.
  • Last, click on Set Up Syncing button
  • For more information on syncing see Zotero syncing

Cite Preferences

From the Cite Preferences you can:

Styles Tab

  • Determine what are your preferred citation styles.
  • Import new citations styles from over a 1000 other citation styles, see Get additional styles... link
  • You can edit and preview citation styles

Word Processor Tab

  • You can reinstall word processors for MS Word and LibreOffice Add-ins


The OpenURL Preferences allow you to access licensed Grace Hauenstein Library Resources from Zotero. To set up,click on the Advanced option and then the General tab. In the OpenURL frame, click on 'Search for Resolvers.' (Depending on your location, you may need to search for Aquinas College)