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Community Leadership: Social Entrepreneurship

Research/Finding Articles

Websites about Social Entrepreneurship


From their site - "To support social entrepreneurs who are leading and collaborating with changemakers, in a team of teams model that addresses the fluidity of a rapidly evolving society.  Ashoka believes that anyone can learn and apply the critical skills of empathy, team work, leadership and changemaking to be successful in the modern world."Great set of resources available to the Internet Community including:
        Promote Group Entrepreneurship (includes resources and Ashoka U - for campus-led projects)
        Ashoka ebooks (free downloads)
        Ashoka Annual Reports and Impact Study

Blended value

A discussion of blended value in five areas: Corporate social responsibility, social enterprise, social investing, strategic philanthropy and sustainable development. Also includes a list of web resources, books, articles, and papers.

Institute for Social Entrepreneurs

From their site - "The Institute for Social Entrepreneurs provides seminars, workshops and coaching services for social enterprises in the United States and around the world." Pages on the site of note include:
        Free articles
        Free Downloads (speeches and articles)

Nonprofit Enterprise and Self-sustainability Team (NESsT)

Develops social enterprises in emerging democracies worldwide through a philanthropic investment fund, consulting services, publications, workshops, and an online global shopping portal that helps social enterprises reach a wider consumer market for their products and services.

Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF)

Provides guidance, leadership, financial support and training to a portfolio of social enterprises in the San Francisco Bay area that employ people who face poverty, homelessness, mental illness and other barriers to employment. REDF also publishes numerous reports about its work and has pioneered the development of tools to measure social return on investment (SROI).

Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

From their site - "The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship provides unparalleled platforms at the regional and global level to highlight and advance leading models of sustainable social innovation. It identifies a select community of social entrepreneurs and engages it in shaping global, regional and industry agendas that improve the state of the world in close collaboration with the other stakeholders of the World Economic Forum." Pages on the site of note include:
        Publications (free reports and manuals)


From their site - "seToolbelt is an open content community resource center for social entrepreneurs. Its content—over 1,400 free toolkits, cases, essays, videos, examples, tips, podcasts, business plans, research papers, and templates—comes from practice and spans regions, sectors, industries, and business functions."
Browse readings and materials on seToolbelt

Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Said Business School, Oxford University

Promotes social entrepreneurship worldwide by sponsoring the annual Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, conducting research, and providing fellowships for MBA students specializing in social entrepreneurship.

Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA)

From their site - "The Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) is the leading membership organization in North America for social enterprises, service providers, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and venture capitalists that is actively building the field of social enterprise through networking opportunities, educational forums, strategic partnerships, and impact legislation. Our members are passionate about changing their communities, and we are passionate about providing them with the tools they need to continue their good work."

Online Publications


Content has been copied and modified from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business Kresge Business Administration Library "Social Entrepreneurship" Libguide created by Corey Seaman and the Resources page of the Institute for Social Entrepreneurs.