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Community Leadership: Info on the Nonprofit Sector

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You will find links to websites about:

  • nonprofit organizations in general
  • information about nonprofits in Michigan
  • journals covering the nonprofit sector and
  • leading nonprofit associations and organizations.

General Information on Nonprofits

  • National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS)
    A project of the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy (CNP) at the Urban Institute, the NCCS provides brief information on nonprofit organizations including financial information, recent 990 forms and programming information. Search for nonprofits by name or by location or by National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) code.
    Also find profiles of the U.S. and individual state nonprofit sectors and search for information on nonprofits by state, county or zip code.
  • Charity Navigator
    Charity Navigator evaluates and compares nonprofit charities for potential donors. Ratings include financial health, accountability and transparency. In addition to rating information sign up for a free login account to access past ratings, IRS information, including current and past IRS 990 forms and links to news articles about the charity.
  • Guide to Nonprofit Organizations & NGOs (University of Michigan) 
    Resources compiled by librarians from U-M Kresge Business Library. Categories include links to nonprofit organizations, nonprofit databases, and freely available resources related to financial management, regulations, board governance and fundraising. Some resources are limited to UM students, but there are many other freely available helpful resources on this site.

Resources for Michigan Nonprofits

National Center for Chariable Statistics (NCCS) Web Tools

Under the heading Geographic Focus search for nonprofits by location, review state summary reports, largest public charities by state, and find private foundations in Michigan by county.

Michigan Foundation Directory

Print version of the Michigan Foundation Directory, available in the Reference collection of the library.

Michigan Nonprofit Compensation and Benefit Survey, 2010

Two hundred twenty-one Michigan nonprofits were surveyed in 2010 about salaries, compensation and benefits provided. This report is intended to help nonprofits determine appropriate compensation, comparable with other nonprofit organizations in the state of Michigan.

State of Michigan Procedures & Requirements for Charities

State of Michigan Tax Filing Information for Charitable Organizations

Michigan Nonprofit Cormporation Tax Filing Information This page provides downloadable state forms for nonprofits including nonprofit corporation filing instructions, articles of incorporation for nonprofits.

Nonprofit Corporation Information - Michigan's Business One Stop Brief instructions on how to file for nonprofit status in the state of Michigan.

Michigan Organizations for Nonprofits

Michigan Nonprofit Association

"Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) is the collective voice of Michigan's nonprofit organizations. MNA serves as a statewide network for the sector, a resource center on effective management practices, and as an advocate for the nonprofit community."

  • Staying Legal (The Michigan Nonprofit Association "developed this website to help new and already-established charitable organizations comply with federal and state laws and regulations")

Nonprofit Enterprise at Work (NEW)

With offices in both Ann Arbor and Detroit, NEW offers nonprofits in southeast Michigan resources, technology, and services to meet the challenges of doing more with less. We also work with partners to deliver NEW'S programs outside of southeast Michigan.

Nonprofit Network

Jackson, Michigan based Nonprofit NetWork offers an excellent site on nonprofit good practices. This includes resources for nonprofit boards, resources on diversity and cultural competencies, tips on advocacy and lobbying. A glossary is also included on the site.

Michigan Grantmakers
This Michigan State University compilation of Michigan grantmakers provides links to grant listings, as well as descriptions of various giving programs throughout the state. Relevant websites of community and corporate givers also are provided, in addition to linked information of top funding organizations in the state of Michigan.

Council of Michigan Foundations
Serving as a membership-based nonprofit organization, the CMF aims to build and support philanthropic activity in Michigan. Currently boasting over 350 organizational memberships, CMF provides member foundations with educational programs, networking opportunities, discounts on products, access to a lending library and a research librarian, philanthropic resources, current news and information, and advocacy representation in Washington, DC and Lansing, MI. A more complete listing of membership information and benefits can be found here.

University of Michigan Nonprofit & Public Management Center

Journals covering nonprofits

  • Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations (1997 to one year ago in ProQuest Central)
    Official journal of the International Society for Third-Sector Research. The official journal of the International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR), Voluntas is an interdisciplinary journal that provides a central forum for worldwide research in the area between the state, market, and household sectors.
  • Third Sector Review (2004 to the present in Academic OneFile)
    Third Sector Review is a refereed academic journal published by Australian and New Zealand Third Sector Research and is recognized by the Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations in Australia (DEEWR). It covers aspect of management, governance, community development, fund-raising, relations with government, legal issues, and historical development in the nonprofit sector.
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy (2000 to the present in Academic OneFile) 
    The Chronicle of Philanthropy provides news and information for executives of tax-exempt organizations in health, education, religion, the arts, social services, and other fields, as well as fund raisers, professional employees of foundations, institutional investors, corporate grant makers, and charity donors. Along with news, it offers such service features as lists of grants, fundraising ideas and techniques, statistics, reports on tax and court rulings, summaries of books, and a calendar of events.
  • Nonprofit World (1987 to the present in ProQuest Central)
    A publication from The Society for Nonprofits, the aim of this magazine is to provide busy nonprofit leaders with concise and practical articles whose advice can be easily implemented.
  • Nonprofit Times (2000 to the present in Academic OneFile) 
    The NonProfit Times is a leading business publication for nonprofit management, geared toward nonprofit executives. The NonProfit Times delivers news, business information and original research on the daily operations of tax-exempt organizations.
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review (2003 to the present in ProQuest Central)
    Published by the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Engagement, this magazine offers brief articles covering philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, case studies and succinct overviews of recent research of interest to nonprofits.
  • Leading Nonprofit Organizations
    More of a newsletter of "how-to" information for those involved in the management and leadership of nonprofits. This publication is produced by Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve as a complement to their research journal Nonprofit Management & Leadership.

Leading Nonprofit Associations & Organizations

  • Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA)
    "ARNOVA is a leading interdisciplinary community of people dedicated to fostering through research and education, the creation, application and dissemination of knowledge on nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, civil society and voluntary action."
  • Foundation Center Issue Lab
    Formerly known as PubHub, Issue Lab is a searchable catalog of online research reports, case studies, data sets, issue briefs and annual reports published or funded by U.S. Foundations.
  • International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR)
    "ISTR is an organization committed to building a growing global community of scholars and interested others dedicated to the creation, discussion, and advancement of the highest quality of knowledge pertaining to the Third Sector and its impact on human and planetary well being and development internationally."
  • Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies
    "The Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies is a leading source of ground-breaking research and knowledge about the nonprofit sector, social investing, and the tools of government."
  • Case Western Reserve University - Leading Nonprofit Organizations
    Leading Nonprofit Organization is a newsletter published by the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve. The newletter aims to be a practical resource of tips and best practices for leaders in the nonprofit sector.
  • The Third Sector Research Centre
    A British-based collaborative organization by the Universities of Birmingham, Southampton, Middlesex and Kent which aims to promote knowledge of the nonprofit sector through research.

Research/Finding Articles

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